Why create a good profile

7 November 2020

Adding a personal profile is a smart move to distinguish yourself from all those other applicants. Just imagine that you are an employer who sees dozens of profiles every day - profiles that all resemble each other in terms of content and choice of words.

A profile with a personal touch immediately stands out! And that is exactly what you want to achieve by writing a personal profile. Career experts see that it is increasingly popular to post a personal profile. A personal profile is also called a profile and is a short piece of text that shows you who you really are in a few sentences.

You introduce yourself to the reader, as it were.

Do: short, concise and substantive A good profile text is about four or five lines long. So you don't have a lot of words at your disposal to convey your message in the right way.

So what do you put in it? When writing a personal profile, you can ask yourself the following questions: What am I good at? What are my personal characteristics? What results have I achieved? What are my ambitions? What am I looking for in this position?

Base your profile text on the answers to these questions, so that everything an employer would like to know about you is covered. Of course you keep it relevant and you don't try to make things more beautiful than they actually are

Why create a good profile

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