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Brasserie Bark

Brasserie Bark is an atmospheric and dynamic place to be and based on the Burgundian brasseries as you know them from Brussels and Paris.

Many concert and theater visitors are also late evening patrons and the public from the museum quarter also regularly find their way to Brasserie Bark.

Brasserie Bark in Amsterdam
< br>Brasserie Bark offers you all the pleasures of the sea; various types of oyster, lobster and "fruits de mer" - an impressive platter with shellfish and crustaceans on ice.

We are of course happy to serve you our specialties prepared in a special way and only daily fresh dishes of salmon, sole, swordfish, dorade, tuna and North Sea crab.

Feel free to ask about the many other types of fish or your favorite fish dishes which we are happy to buy and prepare for you.
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