Breda, Netherlands
12 employees


Pine sky:
In the middle of the beautiful Breda mast forest, in the “backyard” of Breda, you will find an enchanting fairy tale! Pancake house Dennenlucht is located in beautiful Breda, right next to the forest and easily accessible from the highway.

Pancake house Dennenlucht bakes the most delicious pancakes in Breda and far beyond and the guests, young and old, also receive a unique experience. In addition to various spaces, Dennenlucht has a nice play loft for the children inside and a fantastic large playground outside. For adults it is wonderful to enjoy our terrace, which you can also book, but above all you can enjoy a drink with the tastiest snacks and enjoy regional products, but you should also come to us for a delicious salad or something other than a pancake.

Eating/drinking and socializing every day is an indispensable part of Dennenlucht. At the Mastbos in Breda we run the nicest and best pancake restaurant in Breda together. This is how we ensure that every guest has a wonderful story when they return home


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