Drachten, Netherlands
10 employees

Sondrio da Luca



Sondrio da Luca stands for the love for Italian cuisine that connects people. & nbsp; Italian dining in all its purity, simplicity and conviviality.

With roots in the hospitality industry and the Sondrio area, Oreste's love for Italian cuisine was born at Oreste. As a born host, with a father from a catering family in Italy, they know better than anyone how to do justice to Italian hospitality and dishes.

Quality, taste and authenticity are characteristic of Italian cuisine. in the banner. All ingredients and products are carefully selected so that chef Katia and pizza chef Mario can prepare the most delicious dishes with care and love. With their experience, passion and expertise, Katia and Mario are the driving force behind the authentic flavors at Sondrio da Luca.

Oreste and the team at Sondrio have the mission to translate the warm Italian hospitality into a delicious, relaxed atmosphere. evening where time stands still for a moment. In short, at Sondrio da Luca you will find a small piece of Italy in Drachten.


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